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About Us

Espad company is a professional company that provides natural sheep casings that are although Halal. Our concentration is mostly on the quality of our hanks. The core of Espad company has been made by a combination of professional team for making hanks and a knowledgeable sale team. Our effort is to make high quality sheep casings that the customers would be able to make the best sausage.

The quality of products and long term experiences of staff help us to achieve the customers’ trust.

Our Mission

Providing high quality natural sheep casing

Providing high quality casings is our slogan. We offer high quality products to gain customers satisfaction. In order to achieve our mission, we check the quality of products in different levels during the work process.

Our Features

Halal Natural Hanks

we are honored to claim that all of Espad's products are Halal.


All the staffs are knowledgeable and highly experienced in order to help us achieve our mission.

Job Proficiency

We collected professional staffs so they can prove their best in each level.

Respecting Customers

The end to our mission is the customer's satisfaction.

On Time Delivering

Based on customer's desire the requested products will be delivered according to FOB.

Guaranteed Quality

Our persistent effort is to improve the quality of our products and prove our Mission.


  • .Espad company was established in 2019

    Although the company is not very old, but the staffs are expert and capable.

  • Having hygienic Licenses

    .Espad company has all the hygienic licenses and work in a sanitary workplace

Espad 00989373225317 info@espadcasing.com

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Musa abad, Varamin, Teheran, Iran

About Us

.Espad casing company is providing the best quality products for exporting

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