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Work Process

Work Process

.All of our natural sheep casings get pass through these levels so they can be ready for exporting

All of our raw materials would be taken to our facility cleaned and salted. The raw materials are snow white in color, mid to narrow or mid or wide in caliber grading that would produce highest quantities of qualified materials.

In this step our focus is highly concentrated on accurate sizing. Prepared Hanks will be graded in different calibers, each of them indicating levels of quality. Moreover the length of every Hank will be measured according to the global standards.

In order to achieve our Mission in this step the quality will be checked and controlled again. So sheep casings are ready for finalizing steps.

All the Hanks would be salted and packed then they will be stored in cool store.

Based on the customers’ wish, sheep casings will be packed, specified by our customers logo printed bags in order to provide better packaging.

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